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Avon Catalog – Campaign 13, introduces a new and improved liquid foundation by Avon Everlasting, that is formulated to provide featherlight, great coverage for up to 18 hours. Wow!  I already have this on my shopping list and will be ordering this very soon.

While Avon’s Everlasting cosmetic line offers other long wearing makeup, the new improved Everlasting Liquid Foundation is a welcomed change.

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ExtraLasting Liquid Foundation SPF 12 – Intro Special – BUY NOW & SAVE 16%! – CLICK HERE

Avon EverLasting Liquid Foundation


ExtraLasting Eyeshadow and Mascara – CLICK HERE

Avon Everlasting mascara everlasting eyeshadow


Avon Everlasting Lipgloss – CLICK HERE

Avon Everlasting Lipgloss


Avon Everlasting Collection – CLICK HERE

Avon Everlasting collection


What else is new?

In addition to the brand new long lasting foundation.  The campaign issue offers  new jewelry collection, summer tote bags, hot new Avon fashions and much more!

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