Avon Catalog – Campaign 15

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Avon Catalog – Campaign 15 is all about the shock value.  This campaign issue has some amazing deals on some of my favorites.

You will find these great deals on pages 10 – 2 1 in the Campaign 15 Catalog

You will find some great offers on the following brands (click on any of the text links to see the special low prices:
ANEW Ultimate
Imari & Imari Seduction
Aromadisiac for Him
Black Suede
Nailwear Pro
Ultra Luxury Liners
Moisture Therapy

All of these are listed with special low prices on pages 10 – 21 of Avon Campaign 15.   When you get a moment to browse through the catalog online, you will see that these are some great deals.

If you are looking to have some pretty for the summer, you will definitely want to stock up on Avon’s Foot Works and nail enamel products as well.

There are so many great deals in this catalog, you will want to check it out for yourself.

CLICK HERE to view the complete Avon Catalog online.   As your online Avon Reprsentative, I look forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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