Avon Catalog – Campaign 21

Avon Catalog Campaign 21

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Avon just keeps getting better and better.  Introducing Anew Genics Treatment Cream, that replaces your regular night cream to produce amazing results.

Now any woman can look up to ten years younger with Anew Genics and our patentd Youthgen Technology, inspired by the discovery th everyone has a Youth Gene.  Avon’s Genics formula is designed to stimulate your youth gene’s actiity, which slows down with ag. So now you can undo up to 10 years from the look of your skin.

Anew Genics is formulated to improve the appearance of discoloratios by up to 100% and dramatically reduce the look of wrinkles. 

Use Anew Genics in place of your regular night cream and use  your day cream as you normally would.  Right now, during campaign 21, you can get your favorite Anew Day Cream  for only $10 when you purchase Anew Genics.

 New Products Introduced in Avon Catalog – Campaign 21

Here are just a few new products introduced in campaign 21.  Click any link or image to get more detail and purhase information.

Avon Pro Luscious Pout Lip Color

Avon Pro Luscious Pout Lip Color


Leather and Ponte Blazer


 Leather and Ponte Blazer

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